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MELT – Management, Economics, Law and Technology

The “MELT-Project” – melting management, economics, law and technology.

This project aims to develop knowledge, skills and tools for analyzing and managing various R&D, innovation and business development processes in the industrial and services sectors more efficiently and effectively, with special focus on proper use of intellectual property (IP) regimes, IP contracts and IP management skills, for application in internal R&D, mergers & acquisitions, spin-offs & spin-outs, technology collaborations (e.g. in form of open or semi-open distributed innovation), joint ventures, licensing in/out, divestments (e.g. via patent auctioning), and  technology and competitor intelligence.

Project members: Ove Granstrand and Marcus Holgersson
External partners: Prof. Bengt Domeij (Uppsala University), Prof. So Young Sohn (Yonsei University), Dr. Marcel Bogers (University of Southern Denmark), Dr. Frank Tietze (University of Kiel) and Prof. Niklas Bruun (Hanken School of Economics)
Keywords: Innovation, Strategy, Management, Economics, Intellectual property, Patent, Open innovation