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Intellectual assets, innovation, growth and value creation and the role of new digital technologies and digital property

This projects aims to increase our managerial, economic, legal and technological (MELT) knowledge about a) the theoretical and empirical relations between five key factors: R&D, intellectual assets (IAs), innovations, growth, and societal value creation, and b) how digital technologies interact with these relations.

The project consists of several substudies:
A.1 R&D, IP, innovations, growth and social value creation- an international statistical analysis

B.1 Valuation and value sharing of multiple IPRs and IAs and the consequences for R&D strategies
B.2 Modelling of IAs, innovations and endogenous recombinant economic growth
B.3 Patent information analysis

C.1 Role and design of IPRs for data based industries
C.2 Development of FRAND based licensing and pricing on IA /IP markets

Project financier: Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency)

Project organization: Prof. Ove Granstrand, Chalmers (project leader, PI and contact person, Prof. Bengt Domeij, Prof. Maureen McKelvey, Dr. Marcus Holgersson, Dr. Daniel Ljungberg, Dr. Frank Tietze, LLP Thomas Ewing, B.Sc. Andreas Opedal (project secretary

Project host: Institute for Management of Technology and Innovation (IMIT)

Project schedule: 2018-2020