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Open Innovation Special Section in California Management Review

Papers from World Open Innovation Conference 2020, published 2022 in CMR, Vol. 64, No. 3:

The Forces of Ecosystem Evolution
Marcus Holgersson, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Henry Chesbrough, and Marcel L.A.M. Bogers

How Can Large Manufacturers Digitalize Their Business Models? A Framework for Orchestrating Industrial Ecosystems
David Sjödin, Vinit Parida, and Ivanka Visnjic

Harnessing Exaptation and Ecosystem Strategy for Accelerated Innovation; Lessons from the VentilatorChallengeUK
Wei Liu, Ahmad Beltagui, Songhe Ye, and Peter Williamson

How to Appropriate Value from General-Purpose Technology by Applying Open Innovation
Jialei Yang, Henry Chesbrough, and Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen

Papers from World Open Innovation Conference 2019, published 2021 in CMR Vol. 63, No. 2:

Tackling Societal Challenges with Open Innovation
Anita M. McGahan, Marcel L. A. M. Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, and Marcus Holgersson

Open Innovation For Wicked Problems: Using Proximity to Overcome Barriers
Ward Ooms and Roel Piepenbrink

Evolving a Value Chain to an Open Innovation Ecosystem: Cognitive Engagement of Stakeholders in Customizing Medical Implants
Krithika Randhawa, Joel West, Katrina Skellern, and Emmanuel Josserand

Open Innovation’s “Multiunit Back-End Problem”: How Corporations Can Overcome Business Unit Rivalry
Thuy Seran and Sea Matilda Bez