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Currently, the IIP research group are giving courses in Innovation Economics (IOE011) and Strategic Management and Economics of Intellectual Property (TEK315) at Chalmers University of Technology.

In addition, the IIP research group is or has been giving the following courses.

Undergraduate and graduate level

  • Various courses primarily at Chalmers university of Technology but also at Stanford University and other places.
  • Control Engineering
  • Operations Research and Decision Analysis
  • Industrial Management
  • Industrial Economics
  • Product Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Economics and Management of Technology/Innovation
  • Innovation Economics
  • Economics and Management of Intellectual Property


  • Various courses in the PhD-education at Chalmers (PhD-courses in History and Philosophy of Science, R&D Management, Industrial Marketing, Interorganizational Theory, Economics, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Economics of Technology / Innovation and intellectual property.
  • Various seminars and lectures in Sweden and abroad

Photo: J-O Yxell/Chalmers