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One of the most cited publications in the field of management and economics of IP

111We are proud that one of our researchers, [intlink id=”41″ type=”page”]Ove Granstrand[/intlink], has published one of the most cited works on management and eocnomics of IP and it recently passed 900 Google scholar citations. The book, titled “The Economics and Management of Intellectual Property – Towards Intellectual Capitalism”, was published in 1999 as a result from extensive field research in Europe, Japan and the US. As a research based book it has stood the test of time and and has since its publication provided a foundation for subsequent works, both in academia and in industry. The book has also been frequently used in teaching in various countries.

ovebooksOve Granstrand on the background to why the book was written: “I started to work on this book during a time when IP issues were still backstage, with the idea that the shift to pro-patent policies in the US in the 80s would move IP frontstage in the rest of the world as well. Besides, I have always been interested in IP issues, patents in particular, as they involve management, economics, law and technology in so many exciting ways. This interest was way back fueled by my failures in dealing with patents as a student.”

In his review of intellectual property rights business management practices (Technovation, 2006), Petr Hanel described the book as ”the most comprehensive study examining IP use, management and strategies in general”.

Find information about the book here.