The Race to European Eminence. Who are the coming Tele-Service Multinationals?

Internationalization and foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the telecommunications service sector are becoming increasingly important. This volume is a study of this phenomenon, paying particular attention to Europe. The book offers perspectives on the critical issues involved, in-depth accounts and wide-ranging analyses by experts in the field. The first part of the volume begins by focusing on foreign entries and inward FDIs in a country market. It then discusses foreign activities and outward FDIs by telecom service providers with the country concerned as a home market, typically involving the traditional PTT. The second part of the volume raises various issues and challenges for regulation, policy and management across countries, posed by the current industrial restructuring and internationalization. Furthermore, introductory and concluding chapters with general overviews and tabulations of the internationalization process are provided. The volume is intended primarily for industrialists, strategists, researchers, consultants, regulators and policy makers, but it will also be useful for students and the general public with an interest in an area that affects us all as consumers.

Book chapters

Introduction and Overview to “The race to European Eminence”
Internationalization of the Swedish Telecom Services Market
Conclusions and Speculations in “The Race to European Eminence”