Technology, Management and Markets

The principle purpose of this book is systematically to explore and provide an empirical insight into the processes of R&D and innovation, and the management and organization of these processes in large corporations. The author integrates technological, economic and behavioral perspectives. Corporate behavior in relation to R&D and innovation is viewed from the inside, based on in-depth studies of a medium-sized sample of corporations. In this way it is intended that the book will in some respects be complementary to works at micro and macro levels of economic and organizational theory.

The data have been collected from documents and several hundred interviews with people in R&D, marketing and senior management positions in eight large multinational corporations. The material covers the history, strategy, structure and behaviour of these corporations, focusing on diversification, internationalization, policy making, strategic decision-making, senior management, organization, conflicts and subcultures – all in relation to R&D and innovation in the corporation.

In the final chapter a synthesis is made by comparing managerial function and an internal organization with decentralised market mechanisms. It is suggested that quasi-integrated forms of organization are conducive to innovation. Such forms may consist of external cooperation, internal competition or acquiring small, innovative companies, i.e. different forms of open innovation.

In conclusion, the implications for policy makers and managers are assessed in the context of a world of intensified technology-based international competition.

“…to acquire evidence in this field and to make sense of its interpretation is a challenging and time-consuming task, … Only an exceptionally determined researcher with a great deal of originality and flair could succeed. … Consequently, I am delighted to commend this considerable achievement unreservedly to the reader.”
Prof. Christopher Freeman in the Foreword

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