Technology Management and Markets

The principal aims of this book are:

  1. To systematically explore and provide empirical insight into the phenomena of R&D, innovation, management, and organization in large corporations.
  2. To function as a source book of some comprehensiveness for researchers and practitioners.
  3. To contribute to the theoretical understanding of interaction between innovation and integration on micro and macro levels.

The data were collected from literature, documents, and several hundred interviews with people in R&D, marketing, and top management positions in eight corporations. These corporations were large, diversified, and predominantly multinational and represent a wide variety of technologies and sectors of industry.

Two dominant findings emerged. First, the management factor was important to consider in parallel with the technology factor. Second, in relation to internal organization and markets organization there are intermediate, quasi-integrated forms, which are very conducive to technological innovation. However, experimentation with organizational forms and managerial as well as technological innovations makes an arrival at stable, optimally quasi-integrated forms unlikely