Technological Innovation and Industrial Development in Telecommunications: The Role of Public Buying in the Telecommunication Sector in the Nordic Countries

During a period of three years four Nordic research groups have been studying public procurement in telecommunications in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The study was carried out within the framework of the Nordic Telecommunications (NORTEL) project.

The objectives of the project were to study the public procurement by the Nordic telecommunications administration, in order to identify important effects on the development of new technology and the electronics industry.

Similar research methodologies were used throughout the project, except for the sections concerning the study of individual nations. This has made a greater comparability between the different countries possible.

Team leaders of the NORTEL-project were the following researchers:

  • Mogen Kühn Pedersen, Roskilde University Center
  • Jan Ekberg, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Helsingfors
  • Hans Skoie and Randi Søgnen, NAVFs Utredningsinstitut, Oslo
  • Jon Sigurdson, Lund University and Ove Granstrand, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

The Technology Council /Teknologirådet/ in Denmark and the National Swedish Board for Technical Development /STU/ in Sweden have contributed to the national financing. NORDFORSK acted as project co-ordinatior and provided financial support. Ove Granstrand and Jon Sigurdson have been responsible for editing the final report.

The report is of interest mainly to those involved in telecommunications administration, the telecommunications industry and authorities in charge of technology procurement. More details of the studies can be found in the reports for the individual countries (see the Bibliography).