Economists on Technology: Scenes from a Summit

In August 1991 The Wallenberg Symposium on Economics of Technology took place at the picturesque island of Marstrand, near Göteborg, on the West Coast of Sweden.

The symposium faced late summer sunsets over an archipelago lingering in Nordic light. The weather was warm and pleasant as usual, delicious seafood meals were served and there were deep sea fishing, swimming and sailing, plus a few surprising entertainment events.

(An additional event was the revolution in Moscow, which luckily ended the final day of the symposium.)

The symposium gathered a small group of internationally prominent scholars exploring the black box of technology from the inside, seeking strategies for research and teaching. This collection serves to document their honorable endeavours to move science and technology ahead for the benefit of new generations of researchers, teachers and students.

For further readings from the symposium the interested reader is referred to the accompanying volume: Economics of Technology, Elsevier Science Publishers, North-Holland, Amsterdam 1994.


All illustrations are made by the excellent artist Simon McLean, and the collection includes the following scholars:

Bo Carlsson
Erik Dahmén
Paul David
Giovanni Dosi
Gunnar Eliasson
Alain de Fonteney
Martin Fransman
Ove Granstrand
Hariolf Grupp
Thomas P. Hughes
Håkan Håkansson
Staffan Jacobsson
Svante Lindqvist
Lennart Olsson
Almarin Phillips
Nathan Rosenberg
F.M. Scherer
Luc Soete
Ulrich Wengenroth
Yuri Yakovets