Economics of Technology

Edited by Ove Granstrand

The economics of technology has recently become established as a fast growing subject field. It commands a rapidly increasing interest, also among a new generation of scholars and students, catering to the old need to bridge the gap between economics and technology in practice. This volume attempts to give an historic and current overview of economics of technology as a field, and to contribute to its development by bringing together original contributions from internationally highly recognised and representative specialists in economics and technology studies, thereby reflecting the state-of-the-art. The volume also gives extensive summaries of developments in the field and outlines directions for further research and teaching.

Chapters from the book

Chapter 1 – Economics of Technology – An Introduction and Overview of a Developing Field
Chapter 7 – Technological, Technical and Economic Dynamics – Towards a Systems Analysis Framework
Chapter 19 – Summary and Reflections upon Further Developments