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Strategic Intellectual Property Forum at University of Cambridge 27 November, 2015

Committed to supporting the UK industry, IfM’s Centre for Technology Management (CTM) launched the Strategic Intellectual Property Forum… »

Obituary – Nathan Rosenberg (1927-2015) 5 November, 2015

A Truly Original Innovation Economist and Economic Historian died Aug 24, 2015, aged 87. The… »

New research project 10 February, 2015

Thanks to financing from The Awapatent Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific Research in the… »

Our researchers at Stanford University 30 January, 2015

Two of our researchers are doing research at Stanford University during 2015. Ove Granstrand is… »

Marcus Holgersson receives three-year full-time research funding 6 August, 2013

Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius foundation and Tore Browaldh’s foundation have awarded Marcus Holgersson with… »

Two recent theses uploaded 4 June, 2013

Two recent theses by Marcus Holgersson on the management and economics of intellectual property in… »

Swedish media about recent thesis 27 May, 2013

The Swedish entrepreneurship magazine Entré recently wrote an article about the PhD thesis of Marcus… »

Marcus Holgersson receives the Broman Scholarship 6 May, 2013

Marcus Holgersson has received the Broman Scholarship for entrepreneurship research. The scholarship will finance part-time… »

New paper uploaded 19 April, 2013

The paper ‘Multinational technology and intellectual property management – Is there global convergence and/or specialisation?’,… »

Research at Stanford University 25 February, 2013

Two of our researchers are spending this year at Stanford University for research and project work…. »