Technology-Based Coopetition and Intellectual Property Management

This chapter introduces intellectual property (IP) management in technology-based coopetition. It includes a general description of the role for IP management in competition and collaboration, as well as a framework for classifying IP relevant to coopetition. Based on this framework, IP agreements are shaped to combine the logics of competition and collaboration in coopetition. A key point is that knowledge, technology, and IP can be protected to enable controlled sharing through licensing in coopetition. The chapter also introduces the concept of post-divestiture coopetition, in which IP management is critical, and exemplifies it with two cases from the automotive industry.

Reference: Holgersson, M. (2018) ‘Technology-based coopetition and intellectual property management’. In Fernandez A-S., Chiambaretto P., Le Roy F., Czakon W. (Eds.) (2018) The Routledge companion to coopetition strategies (pp. 329-338), Routledge, London.