Summary and reflections upon further developments

This concluding chapter summarizes the preceding chapters, using a common structure, which throughout the chapters highlights their main focus, key/novel concepts, approach/empirical data, main findings/arguments, and suggestions for further research. The diversity of the chapters in these respects is rich, which is perhaps not so surprising, but there are also clear differences between the two groups of chapters representing economics and law. This observation gives reason to reflect over the past and future interaction between these two disciplines in the IP field. The need for pluralism in choice of research prob- lems and methods, as well as the need for disciplinary perspectives comple- mentary to economics and law, is pointed out. At the same time, the advent of the IP era has led to a rapidly growing research agenda, calling for some pri- orities. The chapter also reflects on some priorities for interdisciplinary re- search and teaching on the economics and law of intellectual property. The chapter ends with a speculative reflection about the future of the IP system and its interaction with the economic and legal systems.

Published in Granstrand, O. (ed.): Economics, Law and Intellectual Property, Kluwer, 2003, Ch. 21, pp. 519-562.