Management av immateriella tillgångar: En litteraturstudie och inriktning för framtida forskning

Intellectual resources and properties are of increasing importance for firms and other organizations striving for competitive advantage. Vinnova and PRV have by the Swedish government been commissioned to contribute to improved knowledge development (research) about the link between intellectual properties, innovation, and economic growth, as well as the use of patent information as a strategic tool.

The purpose of this pre-study is to make an overview of extant research on how management of intellectual property (IP) contributes to the competitive advantage of various actors within an innovation context. The goal is to provide an overview of the current state of knowledge and to suggest areas for further research. The pre-study covers the micro/organizational level. The focus is on management of IP rights (IPRs) and other means to strengthen the competitiveness related to intellectual property.

The pre-study consists of three related sub-studies. The first sub-study includes a review of previous literature studies. The second sub-study consists of a review of special issues focusing on IP management. The third and final sub-study consists of a systematic literature search comprising a large amount of articles focusing on a set of relevant concepts.

The results from the different sub-studies are summarized in this report. A relatively uniform view of the current state of knowledge emerges. This leads to a number of suggestions for future research.