Innovations and Intellectual Property Studies. An introduction and overview of a developing field

The fundamental role of innovations and their economic and legal aspects are described as a starter before departure into the book. A number of illustrations of close interaction between economic, legal and technological changes related to IP are provided as a contrast to the long-standing separation of economics from law and IP studies, thereby indicating a need for further interdisciplinary research and teaching in the IP field. To help meet this need is the purpose of this book.

A bibliometric analysis is provided, showing that the IP field is rapidly growing, also relative to social sciences in general. US journals and authors dominate the field. Law and economics, with economics catching up from far behind, are dominant disciplines in the IP field but fairly separated, although showing signs of science convergence over time, with economists dominating cross-disciplinary works. The end of the chapter outlines the book as a whole.

Published in Granstrand, O. (ed.): Economics, Law and Intellectual Property, Kluwer, 2003, Ch. 1, pp. 9-40.