Conclusions and Speculations in “The Race to European Eminence”


In drawing to a close it is natural to step back and review the current and future relevance of the main theme and the title question of this book. Is internationalization of the telecom service industry and markets to be taken seriously? And if so, who stand the best chances to gain advantages by becoming MNCs? This final chapter will first summarize some of the findings from preceding chapters, then try to assess the conditions for continued internationalization. Given the likelihood that internationalization of telecom actors and markets will actually continue, some speculations about future developments are made, drawing also on received theory, the applicability of which to the telecom service industry is discussed. Finally, the chapter attempts to identify what characterizes a winning company in the hopefully positive-sum game of internationalization of telecom service markets.

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Published as Chapter 32 in The Race to European Eminence. Who are the coming Tele-Service Multinationals?