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Nicole Ziegler

Nicole Ziegler was during 2011-2012 a visiting researcher at the research group Industrial Management and Economics with Professor Ove Granstrand. She was a PhD student at the chair of Professor Oliver Gassmann at the Institute of Technology Management of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Her research topic was intellectual property management with focus on the commercialization of intellectual property.

Selected publications

  • Gassmann, Oliver; Ziegler, Nicole; Rüther, Frauke; Bader, Martin A. (2012). The role of IT for managing intellectual property – An empirical analysis. World Patent Information, In Press.
  • Bader, Martin A.; Gassmann, Oliver; Ziegler, Nicole; Rüther, Frauke (2012). Getting the most out of your IP – patent management along its life cycle. Drug Discovery Today, 17, pp. 281-284.
  • Ziegler, Nicole; Rüther, Frauke; Gassmann, Oliver (2012). Appropriating returns through intellectual property commercialization – approaches and organizational implementation of external patent exploitation. R&D Management Conference, Grenoble.