Winning student team in innovation economics course


Marcus Holgersson and Ove Granstrand currently teach a course in innovation economics. Part of the course is a series of games, the “IME Award”, where student teams analyze problems and questions related to innovation economics. The team “Just in Case” has done a great job and won the competition. The winning team has, in competition with 17 other teams, proven excellent analytical skills within economic analysis of innovation. Congratulations to Jakob Dalenbäck, Erik Gedda, Axel Gerebrink, Anton Lindegren, and Justin Lundgren.


We are growing: Welcome Sarah van Santen

Sarah van Santen

Starting from June 2017, Sarah van Santen (MSc Organization Studies) joined the Innovation and Intellectual Property Research Group as a doctoral student at Chalmers University of Technology, department of Technology Management and Economics. Her research will focus on firms’ strategies of innovation and IP management in a variety of contexts, especially in digitalizing industries and with special interest in various forms of open innovation.

UC Berkeley Summer Program

Today Marcus Holgersson introduced the UC Berkeley Summer Program for Chalmers students. Over the course of this summer 37 Swedish students will take classes at UC Berkeley, visit some of the most interesting companies in Silicon Valley, and do projects on business development in startups.

Marcus comments: “Two years ago I started working on this program, and today I am really happy to finally see so many excited students here in Berkeley.”



Video summary of how IP management contributes to competitive advantage

Our researcher Marcus Holgersson was by PRV and Vinnova appointed to make a review of extant research on how management of intellectual property contributes to the competitive advantage of various actors within an innovation context. The results from the review are collected in areport, and this short video summarizes the main findings (in Swedish). You can read more about the seminar at which the video was shown here:–hur-hanger-det-ihop/

We’re hiring!

We are looking for a new PhD student who will take part in our research aiming at exploring and explaining the role of intellectual property management for various business strategies in order to create sustainable innovativeness and competitiveness in connection to digitalization.

Read more here.

One of the most cited publications in the field of management and economics of IP

111We are proud that one of our researchers, Ove Granstrand, has published one of the most cited works on management and eocnomics of IP and it recently passed 900 Google scholar citations. The book, titled “The Economics and Management of Intellectual Property – Towards Intellectual Capitalism”, was published in 1999 as a result from extensive field research in Europe, Japan and the US. As a research based book it has stood the test of time and and has since its publication provided a foundation for subsequent works, both in academia and in industry. The book has also been frequently used in teaching in various countries.

ovebooksOve Granstrand on the background to why the book was written: “I started to work on this book during a time when IP issues were still backstage, with the idea that the shift to pro-patent policies in the US in the 80s would move IP frontstage in the rest of the world as well. Besides, I have always been interested in IP issues, patents in particular, as they involve management, economics, law and technology in so many exciting ways. This interest was way back fueled by my failures in dealing with patents as a student.”

In his review of intellectual property rights business management practices (Technovation, 2006), Petr Hanel described the book as ”the most comprehensive study examining IP use, management and strategies in general”.

Find information about the book here.

Beyond Technological Innovation and Diffusion

An important conference on the theme ”Beyond Technological Innovation and Diffusion” was held at the Tusher Center for the Management of Intellectual Capital at Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in December 2016, partly in honor of the late Prof. Nathan Rosenberg. Ove Granstrand participated a. o. in a roundtable discussion with R. Nelson, K. Arrow, G. Dosi, D. Mowery, P. David, G. Wright, chaired by D. Teece, on the scholarly contributions of Nathan Rosenberg and the importance of economic history of technology. More personal dinner speeches by Ove Granstrand and others on Nathan Rosenberg as a scholarly person can be viewed here:

Research at UC Berkeley

IMG_2957Marcus Holgersson is currently a visiting researcher at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, USA.

UC Berkeley, typically ranked as the top public university in the US, has a very strong track record within intellectual property related research across many disciplines, such as law, economics, and management. The university houses prominent scholars such as Henry Chesbrough, Bronwyn Hall, Robert Merges, David Mowery, Carl Shapiro, and David Teece, just to name a few of the ones who have made important contributions to the IP field.

Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley has a strong tradition in studying the management and economics of innovation in general, and open innovation, IP management, and business models more specifically.

Marcus HolgerssonMarcus says: “During my stay here I hope to develop my network of academic colleagues across the world, learn from some of the most insightful scholars in the field, and develop my own research on IP management in relation to open innovation and digitalization.”

New project: Intellectual property management in digitalizing businesses

We are happy to announce that we have received funding from Vinnova for a new project on intellectual property management in digitalizing businesses. This project is part of a larger effort from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation in Sweden, with help from Vinnova and PRV, to increase our knowledge about how to manage IP to improve our competitiveness.  Our project is one out of three research projects that will contribute in this effort.

The purpose of the research project is to explore and explain the role of IPM for various business strategies in order to create sustainable innovativeness and competitiveness in Swedish companies in connection to digitalization.

We will soon start the recruitment of a new PhD student who will work within this project, so please check back soon for more information on that.

Read more about the project here.

Seminar on the role of patents for technology-based startups

Two of our researchers, Ove Granstrand and Marcus Holgersson, recently presented some of their research at a seminar in Stockholm arranged by the IP consultancy firm Awapatent. The seminar focused on how technology-based startup firms can make use of patenting to support their businesses. Much of the seminar focused on the importance of patents for attracting venture capital. In addition to our researchers, the seminar also included discussions by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Read more about the event here: