Publications by Marcus Holgersson

Title Author(s) Year
The challenge of closing open innovation: The intellectual property disassembly problem , 2014
Multinational technology and intellectual property management – Is there global convergence and/or specialisation? , 2014
Managing the Intellectual Property Disassembly Problem , 2013
Patent management in entrepreneurial SMEs: A literature review and an empirical study of innovation appropriation, patent propensity, and motives 2013
Innovation and Intellectual Property: Strategic IP Management and Economics of Technology 2012
The 25% rule revisited and a new investment-based method for determining FRAND licensing royalties , 2012
  The dynamics of multi-layered openness in innovation systems: The role of distributed knowledge and intellectual property , , 2012
The anatomy of rise and fall of patenting and propensity to patent: The case of Sweden , 2012
  From Environmental Protection towards Sustainable Innovation Management – Incentives and Governance Structures , 2011
Intellectual Property Strategies and Innovation – Causes and Consequences for Firms and Nations 2011